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    "What Our Customers Are Saying"

    "Emergency Vehicle Command Cabinets Keep Gear Organized and Safe"


    Command cabinets—constructed of high-quality, strong and durable materials—turn the back of any SUV  into a mobile command center. They have several multi-use compartments to house tools, gear and supplies. Plus, they can be fitted with such features as stow-away command boards for emergency planning in the field, cabinets to hold loose items, and recesses for holding emergency air supply tanks.

    With the size, weight, and cumbersome nature of much of the gear used by emergency workers, the additional danger of shifting loads faces drivers every time they answer a call. This is where specialized  vehicle storage cabinets from Warning Products come into play. These cabinets are not stock, one-size-fits-all.  They are manufactured at the time of the order, and can can be adapted for your individual needs. They are emergency responder-specific custom cabinets made to store, haul, and facilitate emergency operations on the go.  Call Today!  Ask about our quick ship program.